Commercial Products


X-grip is a heavy duty outdoor solution that is made in a modular PVC tile form. It is generally recessed in outdoor areas and will collect granular dirt and will be resistant to all weather. It can be edged and loose-laid. It is recommended to be paired with an indoor solution such Entrance X-grip or Trinitex to provide a fully effective 2 stage walk-off system.

Sentinel Commercial

Sentinel mats are a Kleen-Tex “Old Faithful”. These mats are the workhorse of our range, made from UV protected Polypropelene and backed with nitrile rubber, these mats last for years. There is a choice of colours to chose from. The mat comes with backing and border all in one durable construction in the following standard sizes: 45x75cm, 75x90cm, 0.90×1.50m, 1.20×1.50m, 1.50×1.80m, 0.90×4.0m and 1.20×4.0m. Non-standard sizes are also available.


Combi-Mat is a brand-new innovation between the very successful Kleenscrape and Ironhorse products resulting in a solution that tracks moisture, dust, granular dirt, contains spillages, is easy to maintain and looks fantastic. The product comes in a standard size of 1500x900mm, but special sizes can be made and it works in a tessellated format for installation applications.

Cotton Wash Horse

Made of 100% cotton in two different colours. The mat is ideal for kitchen and or high moisture areas. Various sizes are available up to 4000 x 1500mm. Super absorbant.


Wayfarer Custom is a PVC loop matting with backing, suitable for outdoor use or in mat wells. The matting comes in a range of colours and in rolls 900cm or 1.20m wide. Roll lengths are 12.3m but we will also supply cut lengths. The product can be edged and is approximately 12mm thick.


Trinitex is our premier indoor walk-off solution. It is made up of varying abrasions of polyamide strips that will track granular dirt, moisture and dust. It has a professional look and feel and remains the best solution for indoor walk-offs such as shopping malls, corporate offices and large retail outlets. It can be recessed or edged for a loose-lay solution.

Nylon Iron Horse

Made of 100% solution dyed nylon on a nitrile rubber non-slip base. Mats are suitable for all indoor areas including main entrances, kitchens, fridges and wet areas. The mat is absorbent and very durable. Mats are midnight grey in colour and can be made up to a standard size of 4200x1500mm and larger custom sizes on request..


Kleen-Scrape is a 100% nitrile rubber mat, 3.5mm thick with a chevron pattern. The mat is suitable for high foot traffic and stands up to heat, cold, water, oil, acid and alkaline exposure. The mat has a raised lip all round and can contain spillages. It is easily cleaned by hosing down, and detergent may be used for stubborn dirt. Mat sizes are fixed. Sizes: 45x75cm, 75x90cm 0.90×1.50m, 1.20×1.50m, 1.50×1.80m, 90×3.0m, 0.90×4.0m, 1.20×4.0m and 1.50×3.6m.