Corporate Id & Logos

Graphic Inlay

Graphic Inlay is a registered Trade Mark of the Kleen-Tex group of companies. The mats are made from a tufted nylon top cloth and backed with Nitrile rubber. A wide choice of colours may be used to create a vibrant message or logo. The mats have a maximum size of 1.50 x 4.20m

Wetstop Barmats

Wetstop is an ideal way to promote a product to the end user at the point of sale. Wetstop is a polyester wear surface which is water absorbent backed with non-slip nitrile rubber. The mats are printed in full digital detail with your required logo and message. The product is fully washable. Standard sizes are “A” 45cm x 23cm and “B” 89cm x 25cm. Non-standard sizes are available on request.

Jet Print

We can now offer you incredible detail in photographic quality on a tough and practical mat. The mat is manufactured using 100% nylon on nitrile rubber. We are not limited in terms of design and colours. Artwork is available free of charge.

Sentinel Scribe

This mat is a molded base of UV treated polypropylene with nitrile rubber backing. To this we add logos or messages to customer specification. The “Scribe” portion of the mat is made from a range of more than 20 tufted nylon colours. The mats are molded so you get a backing and border all in one with standard sizes. Non-standard sizes are also available.

Custom Creative

Custom Creative is a logo or message mat manufactured from PVC coil (spaghetti) matting (See “Wayfarer”) The mats are suitable for use outdoors or in mat recesses. They are easily cleaned by hosing down, or to remove granular dirt. The logos are cut, inlayed, bonder and finished with a mesh reinforcement.

Kleen-Scrape Graphics

Kleen-Scrape Graphic mats are made from 100% nitrile rubber Kleen-Scrape mat, but have the added facility of logos or messages in PVC. Black base only. (See Kleenscrape)

Entrance X-Grip

This heavy duty, hard-wearing matting has strips of moisture and grease trapping mat inlayed between the rigid strips which knock off granular dirt and mud. It has been designed for use in high-traffic areas such as shopping centres, airports and commercial buildings. The mat is modular and can be made up to any size to fit into recesses/mat wells. Simple logo’s can be done.

Benefits/best suited to:- 
• Heavy duty 
• High-traffic/trolley areas 
• Recesses and mat wells


Digiscrape is a moulded all-rubber mat with a digitally printed PVC logo portion. This product is suitable for both indoor and exterior use. It is functional in trapping granular dirt mainly and will also contain spillages. It allows for perfect printed detail in an outdoor environment and is fully customisable up to 4×1.5m.


Jetprint.Digi is an innovative new approach to creating detail and durability in a walk-off solution. This mix of Nylon and printed PVC on rubber allows endless customisation in appearance and application. Examples of this are seen in our vacuum demonstration mats that allow a full digital advertising print and a nylon area to function as the demonstration area.